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Lussan, between the sky and the scrubland

A stone's throw from Uzès and the Pont du Gard, Lussan is first of all seduced by its beautiful silhouette silhouetted against the sky. Its location as a village perched on a former oppidum in the heart of the southern scrubland has earned it the right qualifier of 'medieval vessel'. From the rampart walkway, the visitor can see the Cévennes, the Mont d'Ardèche,  the Mont Ventoux and in clear weather the Alps. Here, you will experience a timeless vacation!

Destination of the heart

Lussan tells the whole story of Languedoc with its narrow streets, beautiful stone houses, old silk mills and castles. Nature is not to be outdone either:

the Concluses site is one of the most beautiful natural areas in the Gard.

Lussan is an ideal tourist destination: an attractive heritage, a peaceful and preserved natural environment, an active cultural life. All these qualities have enabled him to obtain in 2016 the ranking

among the "Most Beautiful Villages in France".

The Lussan region also has 250 km of marked routes, through the 9 villages, the land and the scrubland of this preserved territory. At the bend of the paths, perched villages, castles, churches and chapels, dolmens and capitals, happily punctuate the landscape and signal the richness of the past.

Goats and sheep occupy the pastures around the villages, the scrubland, junipers, boxwood and olive trees reign supreme, sometimes giving way to vines and aromatic plants.

Many demonstrations animate the village

Exhibitions of contemporary art, guided tours of the heritage, 

Book fair with the Festival Lussan se livre, an essential literary and cultural event,

Theatre and opera festival "between sky and scrubland",  

Art and Garden" days dedicated to nature, gardens and plants,

not to mention the open workshops at La Forge, or the farmers' market.

Also worth seeing is the brand new cultural and artistic programme taking place in the newly renovated Temple of the neighbouring village of Fons sur Lussan

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