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Welcome to Uzès country, Welcome to Uzège

First of all, an exceptional location for quality tourism.

Halfway between the Cévennes and the Mediterranean, between the Avignon des Papes and the Roman remains of Nîmes, between the Pont du Gard, the gorges du Gardon, the Aven d'Orgnac and the Grotte Chauvet-Pont d'Arc, 4 labelled and world famous sites. The ideal location to offer you the stay of all possible, to access all your desires... yours, those of your family, your friends.

Land of discovery

The landscapes of Uzège have inspired astonishing architectural feats where each generation has left its mark. From the secret garrigue to the sunlit hills, from the potters' village to the medieval village, from craftsmanship to know-how, from character villages to colourful markets, take the quiet little roads or shady paths to discover a land of sunshine and authenticity...

Uzès, labelled as a city of Art and History in 2008

When you arrive, you will see these four medieval towers erected above the tiled roofs, signs of a glorious past that earned it the title of "first Duchy of France". A heritage worthy of a cinema setting, an invasive beauty, a relaxed atmosphere with a Provençal accent. Its arcaded squares, its private mansions proud as princes, its cobbled streets, its colourful markets, its small Provençal restaurants..." For me, Uzès is further away than China, more endearing than Venice," replied André Malraux, Minister of Culture, to the Marquise de Crussol d'Uzès, who came to ask him in 1965 to save this masterpiece in danger.

The Pays d'Uzès offers many events
and festivities all year round

- Le Festival Européen de la Céramique Terralha, en juillet à Saint Quentin la Poterie

- Les Nuits Musicales d'Uzès, tout le mois de Juillet à Uzès

- Le Temps des Cerises - arts de la rue, de Mai à Octobre dans tous villages 

- Les spectacles équestres au Haras National  d'Uzès, en juillet et en août

- Visites guidées du Duché d'Uzès

- Les nuits son et lumière du Pont du Gard

- La biosphère des Gorges du Gardon, désignée Réserve Mondiale par l'UNESCO

- Le Grand site de l'Aven d'Orgnac

- La Grotte Chauvet - Pont d'Arc, plus grand site au monde de restitution préhistorique

- Le Parc Naturel Régional des garrigues de l'Uzège.

- ....

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